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My name is Nicola O’Donnell I am qualified holistic mind-body practitioner & business owner of Wifsom change your state of mind aroma Inhalers and Audio programs.


My desire and passion in life is to encourage, support and empower people to change how they think and feel in order to live to their true potential. 

Through my love of neuroscience and mind-body connection shows that if a person wants to change their current results they first need to start with their choice of words, images and thoughts. 

Science proves that we can literally re-wire our brain by thought alone, so if our thoughts are creating our reality? I needed to create a product that could support and encourage a person to interrupt their own negative self-talk and replace with new positive thoughts and feelings that would align with their goals.


So I guess we all could ask ourselves....

Are we controlled by our thoughts? or are we controlling our thoughts?

If you are controlled by your thoughts? It is vital to start consciously choosing empowering thoughts, bring more awareness to what you are actually focusing on? What are we thinking about? How are we feeling? and maybe What are we day dreaming about? All of these are super important as each one of these is creating our behaviour, mood,  choices we make which all lead to our results. And the results that show up cause us to think of thoughts.


Through my own life experiences it can be incredibly hard to look at our results and to consciously not think negatively.  Only through 2 years of constant daily self study, becoming extremely disciplined and through applying the knowledge into my daily life I was able to override my feelings, This is my "why" I created Wifsom to help you do this so much easier!

Every time you use a Wifsom aroma Inhaler you are in control to release negative energy blocks, consciously choose better thoughts and feelings, which allow positive emotions to be released into your body, at last, when you are feeling positive your behaviour changes and when your behaviour changes for the positive, we naturally take action, and our actions lead to our results. our results will then lead us to our thoughts.  One big habit loop, good news is you get to choose whether that will be empowering our disempowering, the choice is really yours! 

I am confident once you try your wifsom aroma Inhaler and audio program, you too will be able to change your thoughts and feelings in order to feel inner peace, love,  purpose, gratitude and joy in your life. 


Always grateful to Inspire