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Did you know Wifsom CAN help you override your negative self talk?

Help you to release and replace your negative emotions with positive empowering thoughts?

Imagine how you would feel if you could override 

  • Fear of being Judged/Criticised?

  • Self doubt/Worry?

  • Not feeling Good Enough?

Reach out for Wifsom and start to Empower yourself, So you CAN feel AmaZing!

Wifsom....... What is Wifsom?


Here at Wifsom, we help people create new habits, new beliefs through the application of brain-based audio programs and essential oils Inhalers, this unique concept combines neuroscience and aromatherapy to help a person change how they think and feel. 

Each audio program is recorded using theta waves, affirmations and guided visualisation exercises to reprogram the subconscious mind.

By depositing new Images, words, thoughts, and emotions into your subconscious mind that will help you achieve new results.

Your Wifsom Essential Oil Inhaler becomes an anchor to move your towards pleasure and away from negative beliefs that are keeping you feeling stuck and frustrated, the oils work by interrupting your habit loop, calming, reassuring and uplifting your mood helping to changing your state of mind in seconds. 

The next time your inner critic voice tries to stop you from taking action, maybe the fear of being judged, criticised, self doubt/ worry, not feeling good enough takes over?

REACH OUT for your Wifsom and boldly declare "I CAN do it"  " I AM Confident,

I AM Enough" I've GOT this" (it is important to make your positive affirmation personal to you)

Each program comes complete with:-

  • 1 FREE Wifsom Essential Oil Inhaler to use during and outside of the program.

  • Guide Book (Mind rules, techniques and exercises)

  • 30 Minute 6 Steps audio Program (Freedom, Success or Reduce Weight)

  • 10 Minute Power Within Meditation 

  • 45 Minute Sleep Meditation

  • 30 Minute Walking Motivation Audio

  • 15 Minute Ho'oponopono Meditation

  • I AM Journal




Every thought releases an emotion
To change your emotions you need to change your THINKING
Every emotion creates your behaviour
To change your emotions you need to change your

Your behaviour creates your results.


To change your behaviour you need to change your


Your results dictate how you think and feel


To change your 

results you need to change your ​


Healthy mind and body 

Inhalation of essential oils is an excellent way to maximise stress-relieving benefits, Increase your mental and physical performance, improve your emotional and mental wellbeing.
The positive benefits on our emotions really are endless
Not only is it one of safest ways to use essential oils, But Inhalation of these wonderful oils also allows the molecules to penetrate our emotional part of our brain that is responsible for long term memory, emotions, and regulating our nervous system and hormones.
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Audio Programs

  • Develop a positive self- image

  • Create positive habits

  • Think your way to success

  • Gain clarity and a positive mindset

  • Improve your health and wellbeing

  • Increase your mental and physical performance

  • Get the body you want

  • Increase confidence and motivation

  • Reduce stress, remove fear and self -doubt

  • Increase your self love

  • Motivate you for positive action


kids audio programs


All children deserve love, affection and praise in their life.  Wifsom have developed natural Inhalers and audio programs to help your little ones shine in the world, feeling happy, healthy and full of confidence. 


Wifsom aroma Inhalers are ready to purchase NOW, so handy you can pop them in their school bags, gym bags, sleepovers ideal to use whenever they need reassurance in their lives.